Buy a Golden

You are planning to buy a dog and you think a Golden Retriever is the one. You have accepted the fact that they are big dogs, which need a lot of attention and exercise and shed regularly.

Will you take a puppy or an adult dog? Will it be a male or female and where to find a good litter? We will try to provide you with some answers.

Buying a puppy from a good breeder is recommended, not in a pet store, from a newspaper or from a commercial breeder. Do not rush into a decision but take your time. Don’t be surprised when you cannot get a puppy right away and you are put on a waiting list, even long before the puppies are born.

Don’t buy on impulse, but contact the ‘puppy info’ of the GRCB and inform yourself about the expected and born litters.

Visit the breeders where you are on the waiting list, look at the mother of the puppies and the other dogs if present, some breeders may even have the father as well. Get to know the breeder!

On the following pages you can find information on available litters and reinstatements. You will also find a list with Belgian kennels that follow the breed regulations of the GRCB.

Good luck with your search!

The GRCB rejects any liability for the provided puppy information.