membership 2021

Thanks for renewing your membership fees!

Contribution: main member € 35, additional € 10

TRANSFER TO : G.R.C.B. Member administration,, H. Blancke
Frans Louwersstraat 4,
B-9032 Wondelgem

op rek. 850-8189578-60
OF IBAN NUMMER: BE 73 8508 1895 7860

€ 35 main member, additional € 10 mention membership 2021 + main member / adjunct and if possible mention your membership number (-s) please!

The GRCB is an association that, together with you, wants to achieve the best for you and your golden retriever. Our club is a club by & for everyone. The 2021 agenda is full of activities, we help and defend you and your golden, through thick and thin. We assist you with advice and action! Therefore, dear golden enthusiast, your financial contribution is necessary, so fill in and transfer immediately. (thanks)

dvertising rates for GRCB members for 2021

Contribution membership fee 2021 must of course first be paid, via the treasurer, with clear statements!
After that, you can also advertise as follows:
Kennel listing on the site for 1 year 2021 (January to 31/12/2021): € 50.
per stud,dog including photo (free) once € 25 (only first time stud dog is on the site) must be updated annually, including eyes, the details of the stud must be in accordance with the breeding requirements set by the GRCB (of course)
puppy info is free, in accordance with the breeding rules of the GRCB!