The current amounts are: main member: 40 €, additional member 13 €

Main members are:

the persons who are already a main member as of today;
each new member who, on the proposal of one principal member, is accepted by decision of the board of directors with a majority of the votes present.
those who receive the magazine in his / her name.

additional member are:

the persons who are already members as of today;
Cohabitant or family members of a main member of at least eighteen years and if the main member has paid his contribution.

Honorary members can be nominated or dismissed by a minimum of 10 (ten) principal members or by decision of the full board of directors by majority vote.

Anyone wishing to become a member must submit a written application to the Board of Directors (online form). The latter decides freely, by a simple majority of votes, on any application for membership. If it appears that a member has deliberately incorrectly completed the membership form for the association, he cannot become or remain a member of the association.By sending the registration form, the new member accepts that all results as well as health results of his / her dog (s) may be published and used for data processing.


The amount of the contribution of the main and auxiliary members is determined at the general meeting. This may not exceed 100 (one hundred) euros. This amount is always proportionally to be adjusted on January 1 of each year to the index of retail prices according to the following rule: basic contribution or 100 (one hundred) euros multiplied by the new index of November preceding the year adjustment, and divided by the basic index of the month of this amendment to the articles of association

The annual membership contribution of principal members is at least three times the contribution of an additional member.

membership application form: click here

You can pay the membership fee on the following account:

IBAN BE 73 8508 1895 7860

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